FACEBOOK is not really helping me expand my Global Fanbase

On the way 2 London & I get a frantic iMessage from my assistant - "FACEBOOK is DOWN!!!" I reply back: "wutz up?" 


How does Facebook, who VERIFIED my Official Richie Nuzz Musician account earlier this year can overlook over…

"Handmade in Hollywood" | Nialaya Jewelry (Jewelry Design)

Nialaya Jewelry was founded in 2009 by Jannik Olander as a home-based business. The hand-crafted jewelry has become a high-end exclusive jewelry line, seen sported by many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Usher, Paris Hilton, Lil' Wayne and Richie Nuzz. 


"No Rest for the Rad" | Top Knot Goods (Fashion Company)

Top Knot Goods (TKG) is an online clothing shop based out of Atlanta, GA that specializes in "anti-normal" clothing, designed by the beautiful and creative owner - Natalie Fredrick. 

Natalie describes her style as "very Drew Barrymore-esque" and believes it…

"Beat me to Fame" | A6 (Music Producer)

Kristopher Stenborg (a.k.a.) A6 is a Music Producer based out of Long Island, NY. He works with music industry leaders such as Joe Budden, Juicy J, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous, Cassidy and Richie Nuzz. 
  Growing up in New York City, RiCHiE


With the ripped physique of a bodybuilder but the beautiful brown gaze of Hollywood's dreamiest, Richie Nuzzolese is a fitness model unlike any other. In fact, to classify him as only a fitness model would be a disservice to other…