I want to feature you for the BEiMMACULATE MOVEMENT, and promote you to my Social Media. 
I love seeing people go after their dreams and I want to share yours!

I came across a great idea that I think will inspire individuals of all ages and bring more
awareness to people around the world striving for something better.
A dream worth living...   
A dream worth fighting for...

The campaign should be similar to some of reference to a Nike ad, when people   
are saying their famous quotation "JUST DO IT". This would also be similar to AA meetings, when people
are introducing themselves, and sharing a bit about themselves. 

Simple Details: 

Make a casual,fun short video in front of your cell/camera ASAP tonight. 
Here is an example: CLICK HERE

Introduce yourself
What do you do? 
What are your goals and aspirations? 
Then REPEAT:  
I believe in myself  
I trust my passion  
I WILL pursue my dreams

NOTE: Upon completion, be sure to tag me @RICHIENUZZ


Hi my name is Samantha last year I tore my ACL in the final round of the Olympics and  
I am working back hard to achieve success.  
I BELIEVE in myself  
I TRUST my passion  
I WILL pursue my dream
as being a world champion (THEN SAY) BEiMMACULATE

Hello, my name is Seth I am an aspiring actor model I one day will be the biggest movie star on the planet.  
I BELIEVE in myself  
I TRUST my passion  
I WILL pursue my dreams

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